Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A few more bits of vintage ....

I do love to collect a bit of "TAT".
Not everyone's cup  of tea I know but collecting and finding these odd charming items keeps me amused.

So why "A SMALL WORLD GIRL " ?? This is why....

Vintage Avon Small World Girls. 
I only have 4 but there are 8 in the collection. Each girl is a different nationality and contains either shampoo, bubble bath, talc, perfume etc.
I will get the others soon. 
In the collection also are lip balms and  solid perfumes. 

Vintage Avon is just a source  of great design. 
Another great piece is my owl pomage. Never used . I have not seen another.
"Wise Eyes "

Another vintage love is Sylvac.
I am not so keen on the typical  bunny, ( there are  many fakes) but I love many of the animals and the pots.
Here are my Hilda Ogden ducks.


  1. Ahhh - I've often pondered the "A Small World Girl" source!
    Sarah x

  2. ...and of course the internet makes it a small world as we get to know people all over the world we never have known otherwise.

  3. i love all of these items :)