Thursday, 17 March 2011

Easier Postage System ...

Sending your parcels can be easier than going to the Post Office .
It suddenly dawned on me that this is probably a bit of a secret kept from the general public! 

At my work place we sell on eBay , Amazon & our own site. It took a few months of daily trips to the post office laden with packages  , before we found out about "interparcel".
I even use it from home now as there is no minimum collection.   is such an easy service to use. 
You need to weigh and measure your package, input the details & then you get a choice of couriers and costs.
Once your choice is made and paid for the package is collected from you !!
Generally cheaper than Special Delivery and they even offer a same day service.
So much easier, and 9 times out of 10 cheaper.

In roughly 6 months of using this service we have only had one delay. 

I hope this will help you sellers out there. 

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  1. That is interesting as I hadn't heard of that before. I have made a note