Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Vintage Loves.

I love to buy vintage things and finding something no one else has is really exciting . Even more so if it still has its packaging and of course if it is cheap !!
There are still so many things sitting in charity shops that are so much better than you will find on the high street and generally better made and higher quality . 
Here are just a few of my finds from the last few years.
Starting with these pose angels I found cheaply (£3.99) even though pose dolls are already reaching higher prices.

Gaytimes crockery is British made. I have several pieces ,I love the 70's bright design.

This mirror is from the Dawn Doll range. Early 70's I think.

Vintage Avon from the late 60's "My Prettiness". I have loved this range for years but have all the bits I want now. 
These both contain perfume still.

My husband found these mats still in there box , unused for a couple of pounds.


  1. the crockery is Beautiful!! <3 I love the retro patterns so much.