Friday, 11 February 2011

A new start ...

Well this is really all new to me but here we go....

I have recently re found my love of stitching and decided I would like to share my sewn adventures and a little of the rest of my life.

I love all types of stitching but to me , it has to be an art form so kits are not my passion, I prefer to design as I go, seeing how the piece works out as it grows.

To start I will just share a couple of recent pieces I have completed. 

Firstly a bargello case I made for a dear friend.
 It was a lovely piece to do .

Secondly a piece of free hand embroidery I have done for my sister , she will be 40 soon. I do hope she likes it. 

I tend to draw straight onto my fabric & then stitch. Sometimes I sketch first on paper but then pen I use soon fades away so a mistake is not too bad.


  1. Happy new blog!!!
    Very much looking forward to reading about your stitching exploits & adventures,
    Sarah x

  2. Thank you Sarah !! Is it time for wine yet ?? xx

  3. Go girl! Hope you will have lots of fun sharing and blogging :)

  4. Yay for new blogs! I hope you're better at updating then me ;-P
    Lovely stitches btw, very well done!

    x Marise

  5. Welcome to blogland. Hope you enjoy your new home here very much!

  6. Happy new blog !!!
    Yaaaaaaaay!! I can comment now, thank you ♥

  7. yeah...welcome to blogspot christel ^____^

  8. what a lovely blog, but of course i would not expect anything less!
    Your stitching's are beautiful, as are your photos......
    Being a film buff myself your film choices are impeccable :-)
    As i am not a blogger, facebooker or tweeter, i will be in touch via text.
    Love Joanne xx xxx xx