Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Brooch Lovers ...

It seems that hand crafted brooches are huge right now and much more in style that chunky necklaces . 
I, myself am a huge fan & own some beauties made by very talented British crafts women.

I adore these retro/modern bold corsages by seventyseventyone  

Also on my top 3 list are these yummy freestyle machine pieces  from the lovely ditsybird  . Each one is unique. I am lucky enough to have a pink cornet !!

On my most wanted list will be a bird loving brooch from the bird hopping mad teasemade but to give you an idea of here pretty creations take a look at this ...

Lastly, a look at my own brooches, my latest embroidered works.

All designed by me & worked in free style embroidery with beading.
My brooches are available here Little Feathers .