Thursday, 14 April 2011

Such a touching award !!

"The Kreativ Blogger award simply encourages bloggers and showcases others".

My dear friend Sarah ditsybirddesigns tweeted me to say she had given me an award!! I was really happy.
I never feel things I do are much good so this was really something to make my day have a big cherry on top !!
I have had a huge on line personality change in the last year and via Twitter I have met some really lovely crafty/stitchy/arty ladies who all inspire me so much.
I find it really is a very supporting network of people. 

Anyway, rolling forward , the plan behind the award is ;
I tell you 10 facts that you probably don't know about me and then pay it forward to ten other bloggers. fab!

Here are my chosen bloggers ;

....and here are my 10 chosen facts; .

1) My first collection was carrier bags when I was about 8 years old. I still have them !!
Thankfully it was not boxes as my "special" childhood (3) friend was a cardboard flattened box called Macky Acky! Sadly he died one rainy day.
2)I have a hole in my jaw big enough to put your finger in. 

3)I don't like typical Hollywood movies. Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Ghost,Notting Hill etc etc , I have no interest in any of them. 

4) I'm not a twin.

5) I won't eat mushrooms. People seem to think that every vegetarian loves them. I think they are like slugs.

6) My favourite film is Gregory's Girl.

7) I love getting up early. to hear the birds sing and face a new day is quite magical.

8) I don't like being hot or sun bathing.

9) My mum still makes me proud each day. She worked for Oxfam for around 20 years.

10) Even sadder than my mum losing her life is the fact my sister was pregnant with her first child when it happened.

Thanks for reading my list.


  1. Thank you, i'll try my best to pass it on! I'm trying to be more organised with these things xxx